What is an Autolike?

For quite awhile, pageant organizers have been trying to find a reliable yet cost-friendly voting application. Social Media has been a default method but it the site is mainly built for social networking. Integrity of votes are always in question. There are now online support on how to increase likes(votes). Below is a site and a video that instructs users how to increase likes


How to find out if auto-like has been used?

1. Check out the list of likers. If they are too diverse from too many countries, the auto like function has been used. 

For example:
The pageant is held in Hong Kong. Most voters should be Chinese. Maybe there would also be a few westerners there or other asians. However, once you see several voters from Kazakstan, Indonesia, Valenzuela, then its probably used an auto-like

2. The better way to check out is to ask those users if they've actually liked the photo. If they say no, then auto like has been used.

Pageant Vote For Your Pageant

Why should you use Pageant Vote?

  1. We pride ourselves in gearing against auto-likes.

  2. You can upload upto 5 images per contestant. 

  3. You can vote every 24 hours. The game is on!

  4. No Foul Comments. Just Voting

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*Important Notice: Time Zone for PageantVote.net will be changed to Eastern Standard Time or EST starting Oct 14, 2016 12am GMT+8. For all pageants in the Philippines, please do set up voting through PageantVote.ph, which will follow Philippines time of GMT+8. Organizers are advised to change their times and Premium Users will be reset every 12am EST.